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Transfer agreements

The University of Minnesota Duluth has relationships with our local community colleges and post secondary institutions worldwide. We welcome and encourage students who have attended other institutions.

What is a transfer agreement?

A transfer agreement establishes what courses from your previous institution will transfer by an arranged agreement to UMD and what UMD degree requirements they are intended to fulfill.

How does transfer by agreement work?

An official evaluation of transfer credit will be done upon admission to the university. Transfer credits will be evaluated in accordance with the signed agreement and applied according to the current catalog at the first semester of enrollment at UMD. Transfer credit for courses other than those listed will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis.

Do you need to notify the University of Minnesota Duluth?

After your official transcripts have been sent to UMD, contact One Stop Student Services to notify the UMD Office of the Registrar (umdhelp@d.umn.edu) that you have been following one of the listed agreements. We recommend that you also notify your UMD Advising & Academic Services office.

Interested in study abroad exchanges?

UMD has a number of student exchange programs.  Please visit our International Programs and Services to understand your options and start academic planning for course transfer.

U.S. institutions


Reverse Transfer Agreement


Non U.S. institutions



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