Change degree award date

This process is for graduate students only.

You may request to change your degree date if you believe that your degree should have been awarded on an earlier date, you missed the deadline to apply to graduate, or another legitimate reason. Please be aware that a date change is not guaranteed. You must submit a request that will be reviewed by a committee.

A legitimate reason to change your degree award date might be:

  • You missed the deadline to apply to graduate
  • Administrative mistake
  • Job offer
  • Licensing issues
  • Visa application issues
  • Postdoctoral offer

If you need to change your expected graduation term or month after you've applied, but before you've graduated, please email [email protected].


You must be an active student or recently graduated, and your degree requirements must be completed by the degree date you are requesting. 

Not every graduate program allows you to change your degree date. Check with your program.

Submit a request form
Use the Change Degree Award Date form (UMN login required) to submit your request to the review committee. An advisor or faculty can submit the request on your behalf.

The submission must include:

  • A reason for the request
  • A detailed explanation for the request
  • Documentation that justifies or supports the request if applicable (for example, a job offer letter or visa information)


The review process usually takes about 1 week. The review committee will let you know a final decision via email. If approved, your degree date will be changed immediately.

If you have questions about changing your degree date, please contact your program.