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Learn how to transfer your credits from the Office of Admissions.

Use the Transferology tool for information about course equivalencies, program requirements, and how courses may transfer to UMD. The “Request Information" feature allows you to initiate a review of any coursework that has not yet been evaluated for transfer to UMD. You can also request a campus visit, and find information about advising, admissions, financial aid, and veterans services.

Note: If this is your first time using Transferology, you will need to create a free account.

For more information view the transfer credit policy.

Transfer information

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Steps to transfer credit

Step 1: Send official transcripts to University of Minnesota Duluth.

  • Mail to UMD Admissions Processing, 123 DAdB, 1049 University Drive, Duluth, MN 55812-3011
  • Email [email protected].

Step 2: Transfer courses will be reviewed by UMD faculty.

Step 3: Your Academic Credit report will be available via Academic Program Audit System (APAS). To view the report and make an academic plan:

  1. Log into APAS.
  2. Click “Run a What-if APAS”
  3. Allow your Duluth college to remain the default “College”
  4. Select the program: Academic Credit Report
  5. Select the catalog year: most current term
  6. Click “Run a What-if APAS”

How to view a What-if APAS.

Step 4: If you need help, contact One Stop.

Submitting a course for review

If you are a prospective student needing coursework reviewed for transfer to UMD, please connect with UMD through Transferology’s “Request Information” feature or through contacting UMD Admissions.

If you are already attending UMD and need coursework reviewed for transfer, or you disagree with the way a course currently is transferring, please utilize the UMD Transfer Course Evaluation form. A course syllabus for the term you completed the course must be included when submitting your request.

Types of transfer credit

Test credits

Awards of academic credit are based on the test curriculum, as of the examination date. Refer to the decisions archives for credit awards for previous examination years.

Read the policies about using tests for credit.

Military transfer credit

If you have served in the military, you may submit official transcripts detailing military coursework and occupations for potential transfer toward the award of University of Minnesota academic credit. Experiential based knowledge may need additional portfolio documentation. Students may have to earn credit through the UMD Credit by Examination process or the Credit for Prior Learning process. At the time of application, request your transcript(s) be sent to UMD Admissions.

Official document requirements

Air Force

Army, Marines, Navy and Coast Guard

Defense Language Institute (DLI) in Presidio of Monterey, California

Experiential credit

To request credit award for life experiences, work experiences, or portfolio work, please complete the Credit for Prior Learning Request with your advisor.

Read the policies about credit for prior learning.

Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or Bachelor's degrees

If you are transferring to UMD with a completed U.S. Associate of Arts (AA) degree, Associate of Science (AS) degree, or Bachelor's degree, you have fulfilled UMD's Liberal Education Program requirement. However, individual courses from your transfer institution used to complete the AA, AS, or Bachelor's are not always directly transferred as equivalent UMD courses.

MN Transfer Curriculum

If you transfer to UMD from another Minnesota state college or university, and have completed the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC), you have fulfilled the U of M’s liberal education requirements. However, know that individual courses from your transfer institution used to complete the MnTC are not always directly transferred as equivalent UMD courses.

The MnTC can also be completed at UMD and posted to your U of M transcript. (Note that the McTC competencies differ from the UMD liberal education categories.) If you completed the MnTC at a different U of M campus, you do not need to transfer your credits.

Catalog year

See the UMD Catalog website for information on selecting a catalog year.

Graduate transfer credit

Graduate students, please view the Application of Credits for Students Earning Graduate Degrees policy and contact the UMD Graduate School Office or your program office with any questions about transferring credit to a graduate program.

International coursework

The University of Minnesota Duluth evaluates coursework of institutions outside the U.S. to determine if they are transferable to UMD and if they fulfill Liberal Education (LE) requirements. Visit the International students Admissions page for more information.

Transfer agreements

The University of Minnesota Duluth has relationships with our local community colleges and post secondary institutions worldwide. We welcome and encourage students who have attended other institutions.

A transfer agreement establishes what courses from your previous institution will transfer to UMD and what degree requirements they fulfill.

An official evaluation of transfer credit is conducted upon admission to the university. Transfer credits are evaluated and applied according to the current catalog at the first semester of enrollment at UMD. Transfer credit for courses other than those listed are evaluated on a course-by-course basis.

After your official transcripts are sent to UMD, contact One Stop Student Services to notify the Office of the Registrar that you have been following one of the listed agreements. We recommend that you also notify your Advising office.

U.S. institutions


Lake Superior College
Reverse transfer agreement

  • Reverse transfer facilitates the completion of Associate of Arts (AA) degrees for students who have left Lake Superior College to attend UMD without completing their AA.
  • Students who transfer UMD credits back to LSC to complete remaining AA degree requirements, will have an AA degree awarded by LSC. The completion of the AA degree means all liberal education requirements at UMD are fulfilled (with the exception of those required by the major).

University of Wisconsin La Crosse

University of Wisconsin Superior

Non U.S. institutions


Tianjin Polytechnic University

  • Mathematics
  • Statistics and Actuarial Science
  • Transfer agreements archive

Transfer agreements archive

Study abroad

If you participate in a UMD faculty-led program, you do not need your courses reviewed, you will be enrolled in a UMD course. If you study abroad in a UMD or affiliate program, have your study abroad courses reviewed per the UMD Study Abroad course review process. Courses from these programs will be listed on your transcript and in most cases the credits count toward UMD residency requirements. 
If you study abroad in a non-affiliate program, you will follow the transfer credit evaluation process. Credits in these programs are treated as transfer credits and do not count toward UMD residency requirements.

For more details about study abroad programs and credits, please reach out to the UMD Study Abroad office at [email protected].