Graduation steps

Before you complete your degree and graduate, you’ll need to be prepared. Knowing what your degree requirements are and if you are fulfilling them, when to complete your Application for Degree, and talking to your advisor will help you prepare for the final steps of your academic experience at the University of Minnesota.

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Preparing to graduate

  1. Check graduation dates and deadlines on the Academic calendar.
    1. Your Application for Degree must be submitted by the first day of the month in which you would like to graduate. You must maintain active status with the University until your degree is awarded (i.e., posted to your transcript).
  2. Verify your degree completion steps.
    1. Review the degree completion steps for your degree. For some students, this will include assigning your examination committee.
  3. Check for holds.
  4. Talk to your advisor(s) about completing your degree.
    1. Talk to your faculty advisor(s) and Graduate Program Coordinator to ensure you are on track with programmatic degree completion requirements.

Applying to graduate

  1. Set your degree name by updating your personal information.
  2. Add, verify or update your diploma address to ensure you receive your diploma.
  3. Apply to graduate by completing your Application for Degree.
    1. Graduate degrees are awarded monthly. When you have completed the required milestones you will be able to access the Apply to Graduate link in the Degree Progress tab of MyU: Academics.
    2. To graduate at the end of any given month, submit your Application for Degree by the first day of the month you would like to graduate. For example, if you want to graduate in March, submit your application by March 1.
      1. If you are unable to access the link or, after applying, your degree plans change, email the Graduate School Office at [email protected] to request a new graduation month. Include your name, student ID number, and new graduation month.
    3. You can find additional degree materials on the UMD Graduate School website.
      1. Please return completed paper forms to the Graduate School Office, 431 Darland Administration Building.
    4. If your degree program is not listed, visit your program office or website to obtain detailed information about graduation and graduation dates.
    5. If you have a legitimate reason, you may request to change your degree award date that appears on your transcript. Your request will be reviewed by committee.
    6. Undergraduate, graduate or postbaccalaureate students should apply for completion during their last term of registration in certificate classes. Certificates are awarded at the end of each term, fall, spring and summer.
      1. Certificates can be earned while enrolled in degree programs.
      2. Certificate are awarded separately from degree programs.
      3. Students may apply to earn their certificate before or after completing their degree program.
      4. Submit a Certificate program completion form.
      5. Find additional information about certificate programs.
  4. Complete your financial aid requirements
    1. Online exit counseling is required of all borrowers of federal and University-administered student loan programs. You will be provided information about the rights and responsibilities of a borrower, and how different financial aid programs handle repayment. Learn more about loan repayment.
  5. Complete all requirements for your degree.

Commencement and after

Commencement is your graduation ceremony. Program-specific graduation events are coordinated by either the department and/or college. UMD Commencement celebration activities for graduate and undergraduate students, and their families are coordinated by the Academic Affairs Office. Fall semester graduates may participate in either Spring commencement ceremonies before or after degree completion. Visit the UMD Commencement page for additional information.

  1. Confirm your degree information.
  2. Submit your Commencement RSVP by the deadline.
  3. Attend your campus graduation fair.
    1. Watch for an invitation to your campus graduation fair in spring. You can find additional information about and purchase commencement regalia through UMD Stores.
  4. Learn about your diploma.