COVID-19 UPDATE: One Stop Student Services is closed for in-person visits until further notice. Visit our contact page for alternative ways to connect with our counselors and the Safe Campus website for the most recent COVID-19 updates.

Students have also been provided more flexibility in selecting the S/N grade basis for their spring 2020 classes. See the One Stop Student Services COVID-19 page for more information.



One Stop provides student information regarding registration, records, financial aid, billing, payment, and veterans benefits.

Dates and Deadlines

Important dates
Date Event
Apr. 6 Spring payment due in full (or third payment if enrolled in payment plan)
Apr. 6 Graduate students can adjust the grade basis manually
Apr. 20 Academic Probation & Dismissal decisions available in MyU: No undergraduate students will be dismissed following spring 2020
Apr. 24 Fourth billing statement for spring available (new charges and past-due balances only, due date: 5/7/20)
Apr. 26 Summer term tuition and fees available in MyU/My Finances
Apr. 30 Second half and full semester last day to change S/N grading basis for undergraduate & graduate classes