Receive a credit balance

When you have a financial credit balance on your account (whether from financial aid or an enrollment change) you'll receive the balance via direct deposit. Direct deposit is fastest. If you're not signed up for direct deposit, you'll receive a check in the mail.

You will receive the money no sooner than 15 business days beyond the last date any payment was posted to your student account. Contact One Stop with questions.

Refunds due to enrollment changes

You may need to withdraw or drop classes during a semester. You may be automatically eligible to receive a refund of tuition and/or course fees depending upon when you change your enrollment. Find drop and refund deadlines.

If your circumstances require you to withdraw from all classes, please tell your academic advisor and One Stop. They will help you make decisions so that you will have a clear understanding of impacts to your academic career.

Tuition and course fees

Enrollment changes are effective the day they are processed. Any refund amount owed to you will be based on the date you officially withdraw or drop (find drop and refund deadlines), not on the date you stopped attending class. Drop immediately if you stop attending class for any reason.

If your tuition and fees are not paid in full, any refund you receive will be a monetary credit applied to your unpaid balance.

Student services and University-sponsored health plan fees

Refunds of these fees are based on the date that the enrollment change is processed and are not affected by retroactive changes. If your enrollment drops below 6 credits, you must accept a refund of the University-sponsored health plan fee, though you may keep the student services fee. If you receive a refund of the student services fee, you may no longer use the services provided by the fee. If you withdraw from all courses and qualify for a tuition refund, you must also accept a prorated refund of the student services fee and the University-sponsored health plan fee.

Special fees

The orientation fee and late registration fee, for example, are generally not refunded. All other special fees assessed at registration are refunded at the same rate as tuition and course fees. No special fees are refunded after the refund period has ended, even if a retroactive enrollment change is authorized.

Tuition refund petition

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Submitting a petition

Eligibility for tuition refund petition

In rare or extreme circumstances, the University may be able to refund tuition through a tuition refund petition process. You must have withdrawn from the classes for the term you want a refund. You may withdraw for medical, military, or academic reasons. We cannot refund tuition if you are still enrolled or did not go to class.

Before you submit a petition, talk with your advisor and One Stop Student Services about whether a tuition refund is an option for you.

Prove why you withdrew

When you submit a tuition refund petition, you must provide documentation to show why you withdrew from your classes. The type of documentation you provide will depend on your situation. Here are some examples:

In addition, you will need to provide a personal statement.

When to submit a petition

Submit a tuition refund petition after you withdraw from any classes. Tuition refund petitions must be received no later than August 31 of the academic year for which a tuition refund is requested.

We base tuition refunds on the date you withdrew from your classes, not on the date you stopped attending. There are special circumstances (such as medical or military) when we may be able to make an exception.

How to submit a petition

  1. First, withdraw from classes. If the term is already over and you did not withdraw, contact your college for help.
  2. Next, set up direct deposit for your student account if you haven't already. It is the fastest, most secure way to receive refunds.
  3. Update your mailing address in MyU.
  4. Submit a Petition for Academic Policy or Tuition Refund for UMD Students form online.
  • Get your personal statement ready that tells us why you withdrew. You will be able to copy/paste a personal statement into the form or upload a file.
  • Prepare your other documentation such as medical, death certificate, military activation orders, a letter from your advisor, etc. If medical, complete a Medical Condition Verification form and upload it to the petition form.

Once you submit a Petition for academic policy or tuition refund for UMD students form, you'll get an email confirmation. We'll make a decision on your petition within 2 to 3 weeks.

Effects of a tuition refund petition

There may be other things that happen when you submit a tuition refund petition that you should know about:

  • Financial aid - You may be responsible to repay financial aid that was already given to you. Financial aid includes loans, grants, scholarships, and fellowships.
  • Academic record - You will have a grade of “W” for withdrawal on your academic record for each class withdrawn after the deadline for withdrawal.
  • Health insurance coverage - If you have health insurance through the Student Health Benefit Plan or get services at Boynton Health Service, you may lose your coverage. You may also be responsible for services paid by health plans. Contact the Office of Student Health Benefits for more information.

A tuition refund does not apply to charges from services like University Dining, the bookstore, or housing.

For questions, contact One Stop Student Services. More information about withdrawing from classes is available.