Wait lists

If a class is full, you can check to see if there is a wait list available. By adding yourself to a wait list, you agree that if a spot becomes available for you, you will automatically be enrolled in the class. If that enrollment occurs, you are entering into and agreeing to a legally-binding contract to pay all tuition and fees and non-refundable fees. Wait lists are closed at 11:59 p.m. the night prior to the first day of classes and will no longer automatically add you to the class if a seat opens up. Starting the first day of the term, if you are granted permission to enroll in a course you have wait listed, you will first need to drop yourself from the wait list and then enroll in the course through your MyU Shopping Cart. 

At any time prior to being enrolled, you can remove yourself from the wait list. Once enrolled, you must drop the class if you no longer want to be enrolled. If you drop a class be mindful of drop/add and refund deadlines.

Note: this automatic process will not be completed if it will create a time conflict in your schedule. Either arrange your schedule to allow for the wait listed class, or use the "future swap" option.

How to add yourself to a wait list

Text instructions

  1. Log into MyU and select the Academics tab.
  2. Click the Registration sub-tab.
  3. Click the Register button.
  4. Select the appropriate term and click Continue. If you are only eligible for one term, you will skip this step.
  5. Add the classes you would like to your Shopping Cart. Enter a class number or use the class search.
  6. If a class is full and a waitlist is available, it will be indicated by an orange triangle that says wait list.
  7. Check the Wait list if class is full box to indicate that you would like to add yourself to the wait list.
  8. Note that you will be automatically enrolled from the wait list if a space becomes available. Click Ok on the message.
  9. Now that the class has been added to your shopping cart, click the Proceed to Step 2 of 3 button to continue.
  10. Confirm you want to be added to the class wait list and then click the Finish Enrolling button.
  11.  View your results. A green checkmark indicates you were successfully added to the class wait list.
  12. You can also go to My Class Schedule to verify that you are on the wait list and check the class status.

Visual guide

To open the guide in a new window, use the full-screen version.


Instructor permission

For courses that are full and do not have a wait list available, you will need to obtain permission from the class instructor. Attend the first class meeting if you are on a wait list or need the instructor's permission to find out whether you can be admitted.