Full-time credits

The University determines your enrollment status based on how many credits you take each semester or summer session. This information applies whether you are degree-seeking or taking classes as non-degree. Your enrollment can have impacts to your student status, your financial aid, veteran benefits, and other aspects of your academic career.

Student statusFull-time for MN State GrantFull-time3/4 timeHalf-timeLess than half-time
Undergraduate15+ credits12+ credits9 credits6 creditsLess than 6 credits
Graduaten/a6+ credits4 to 5 credits3 creditsLess than 3 credits
Medical Schooln/a6+ creditsn/a3 creditsLess than 3 credits
College of Pharmacyn/a12+ creditsn/a6 creditsLess than 6 credits

Credit hours determining enrollment status

Tuition based on enrollment

If you're taking 1-13 credits, you'll be charged tuition per credit. Any credits beyond 13 are available at no additional charge. View tuition rates.

Veteran benefits credit requirements

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) defines full-time status differently than the University of Minnesota. The University determines your enrollment status based on how many credits you take each semester. However, your VA benefits will vary based on your program, the number of credits you take, and the start and end dates of your classes. The VA looks at how many credits you are enrolled in on a given day rather than how many credits you take over the course of a semester. 

For questions about enrollment and veteran benefits, contact University Veteran Services.

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GI Bill® requirements

To receive the maximum benefit, you must be registered full-time according to table above. 

For example, if you are an undergraduate student enrolled in 10 credits that run the full term and a 3 credit first-half class, you will be eligible for the full tuition payment and Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for the first half of the term. During the second half of the term your BAH will be paid at ¾ of the full-time rate.

If you enroll less than half-time, your education benefit rates will be reduced proportionately and paid as a lump sum. You would receive reimbursement of the actual charges for tuition and fees or the established maximum, whichever is less. Call the VA education helpline, after you have been certified with the school, to see what your exact payment will be in this circumstance. The VA’s number is 1-888-442-4551.

“GI Bill®” is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at www.va.gov/education.

Chapter 33 requirements

If you are enrolled:

  • More than half-time, you will receive prorated monthly payments (e.g., 7-11 undergraduate or 4-5 graduate credits). Your monthly checks will be based on the prorated monthly rate of payment. For Chapter 33, your tuition payments will remain at your level of eligibility.
  • Half-time or less, you will not be eligible to receive the Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH).
  • As distance learning only, you will receive half of the national average for the BAH. You must be taking at least one in-person course to receive the full BAH amounts.

Summer enrollment

The University of Minnesota does not have one standard summer term. If you plan to take classes during the May or summer terms your full-time status may be different than you expect. Your benefits will vary based on your program, the number of credits you take, and the length of your classes. 

For summer or May term classes it can be difficult to determine if you are full-time or not. Please contact University Veteran Services for help.

Financial aid eligibility

Most financial aid awards require that you enroll in a minimum number of credits to receive the award.

Max credit enrollment

Undergraduate students may not register for more than 20 credits per fall or spring semester, or more than 15 credits in summer. If you would like to enroll for over 20 credits, complete the Term overload form. Some colleges or programs may set a minimum credit limit. For more information, check with your college advisor.

Maintain active status


You must maintain continuous enrollment (i.e. register for classes) every fall and spring term. This is called maintaining “active” status. However, if you do not register for classes for 2 consecutive terms (with the exception of summer), your student status will be discontinued, or moved to “inactive” status. If as an undergraduate you do not register for 2 or more consecutive semesters and at a later date wish to resume your studies at the University, you will have to submit a Readmission/return from leave of absence request form.

If you need to take time off, a leave of absence may be appropriate. Speak with your advisor.

Grad and professional

As a graduate or professional student, you must maintain active status in order to continue with your degree. If you do not register for a fall or spring semester, you will be withdrawn and your student record will be deactivated. In this situation, you may have to re-apply to your degree program in order to continue your studies. Find more information in the graduate leave policy.

If you need to leave the University for a time, contact the Graduate School Office.