Tax forms

The University provides the 1098-T form which can assist you with filing for the education tax benefits/tax credit deductions, such as the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit, Hope Scholarship Tax Credit, or the Above-the-Line Tax Deduction for Qualified Higher Education Expenses.

Your 1098-T form will be available electronically in MyU no later than January 31. Only tax years for which you are eligible to receive a 1098-T will be available for you to view. Your student loan servicers will provide 1098-E forms directly to you by January 31.

How to view your 1098-T form

If you're a student, follow the instructions below. If you're a parent or guest of a student, see separate 1098-T access instructions.

Text instructions

  1. Log into MyU and select the My Finances tab.
  2. Click the 1098-T Tax Form link in the Helpful Links section.
  3. Click on the tax year you wish to view. You may need to disable pop-up blockers or open the file when prompted.
  4. View your 1098-T form. You may also print the form using your browser’s print function.

Visual guide

To open the guide in a new window, use the full-screen version.


Additional 1098-T resources and information

If you need additional assistance with your 1098-T tax information, the University Tax Management Office provides educational tax benefit resources for students and parents. For more information, visit the Educational Tax Benefit page.