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Scholarships are considered a source of “gift aid” because they are a source of free money—financial aid that does not have to be repaid. Funds are awarded to individual students and are often based on specific criteria, such as the student's major, GPA, financial need, etc.

Many students receive scholarships from outside sources, such as hometown organizations, civic organizations, churches and other local donors, or from businesses and corporations.

When you complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), any scholarships that you receive will be considered when calculating your financial aid award.

Graduate students will be given the opportunity to report scholarships online when responding to your Financial Aid Award Notice (FAAN) through MyU.

Receiving a scholarship may affect the amount of other financial aid you are eligible to receive, and some scholarships are not included in the undergraduate scholarship search. Find additional scholarship resources below.

University scholarship awards disburse in accordance with the University's financial aid award policy. Consistent with University policy, the total annual aid amount awarded to a student, including all scholarships and grants, cannot exceed cost of attendance at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

Financial aid awards (e.g., loans, work study, scholarships, or grants) may be reduced for students whose total aid exceeds the cost of their program for the academic year, as determined by the Office of Financial Aid.

When you receive a scholarship from an organization outside of the University of Minnesota Duluth, your existing financial aid awards will be reviewed and adjustments may be made based on the receipt of your scholarship(s). You may see a reduction in other types of aid, such as loans, work-study, or institutional aid.

The University of Minnesota Duluth will allow you to receive the maximum benefits of any scholarships within the US Department of Education guidelines.

Many scholarships require full-time enrollment. Information on eligibility for financial aid is available.

If you receive any scholarship from organizations outside of the University of Minnesota Duluth (e.g.: a local community organization, church, etc.), it is your responsibility to forward the check(s) to the Office of Financial Aid for processing. You should endorse any check that is made payable to you and the University of Minnesota Duluth.

The University of Minnesota, Duluth is able to provide donor-funded scholarships to our students because of the generous contributions made by individuals and businesses.

  • Laverne Noyes (descendent of WWI) Deadline has passed - try again next year
  • 2017-18 Online Scholarship Application for current UMD undergraduate students and entering freshman who have confirmed their enrollment by April 21, 2017- Deadline has passed - try again next year
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  • FinnFest (Finnish heritage) Deadline has passed - try again next year

University departments select recipients of their departmental scholarships according to their own process. For more information on eligibility requirements and application procedures, click on the link below for your departmental scholarships page.

The Regents Scholarship Program covers a portion of tuition costs for eligible University of Minnesota employees enrolled in University of Minnesota credit-bearing courses. More information on the Regents Scholarship Program is available.