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Read the descriptions carefully to determine which fees may apply to you.

Collegiate fees include an IT Systems and Support component. Fees listed are per semester.

Academic year 2021-22 term fees

College 6 or more credits Fewer than 6 credits
Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences College of (undergraduate and graduate programs) $317.00 $158.50
Education and Human Service Professions, College of (undergraduate and graduate programs) $276.00 $138.00
Labovitz School of Business and Economics (undergraduate and graduate programs) $251.00 $125.50
Swenson College of Science and Engineering (undergraduate and graduate programs)* $306.00 $153.00
Medical School  $130 $130
Pharmacy, College of $450.00 $450.00
University Studies $196.00 $98.00

Summer 2022

College 3 or more credits Fewer than 3 credits
Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences College of (undergraduate and graduate programs) $158.50 $79.25
Education and Human Service Professions, College of (undergraduate and graduate programs) $138.00 $69.00
Labovitz School of Business and Economics undergraduate and graduate programs $125.50 $62.75
Swenson College of Science and Engineering undergraduate and graduate programs* $153.00 $76.50
Medical School  n/a n/a
Pharmacy, College of $225.00 $225.00
University Studies $98.00 $49.00

* Undergraduate students first enrolled in the Swenson College of Science and Engineering in fall 2021 or later are also assessed a tuition surcharge of $250.00 in fall, spring, and summer regardless of how many credits they are enrolled in. This provides additional student support services in SCSE.

If you are a degree-seeking student enrolled for 6 or more eligible* credits during fall or spring semester, or 3 or more eligible* credits in the summer, you must pay a student services fee that is distributed among various student programs, as listed below.

Fall/spring 2021-22

Assessed to all students registered for 6 or more eligible* credits per semester, distributed as follows:

Program Amount
Access for All $0.06
Asian American Student Association $0.89
Black Student Association $0.93
Bulldog Taxi/Lyft $2.47
CRU $0.43
Chinese Student and Scholar Association $0.37
Glensheen $1.12
Graduate Student Association $0.31
Green Fund $2.28
Health Services $95.68
Health Services Capital Improvement $3.70
Hmong Living in Unity & Balance (HLUB) $0.53
International Club $0.80
Kirby Student Center & Kirby Program Board $65.68
Kirby Capital Improvement $24.69
Latinx/Chicanx Student Association $0.89
Library Communications & Events Team $0.30
Minnesota Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG) $1.64
Music Organizations $1.79
Oromo Student Association $0.19
Queer and Allied Student Union $0.81
Recreational Sports/Outdoor Program - Operations $65.86
Recreational Sports/Outdoor Program - Capital Improvement $21.60
Students Engaged in Rewarding Volunteer Experiences (SERVE) $0.24
Stage 2 $0.37
Student Association Admin $1.91
Student Association - Org. Grants (SOG) $7.90
Theatre $2.54
The Bark $1.48
Tweed Museum $1.10
Women's Resource Action Center $0.83
Total Student Services Fee $309.39

Summer term 2022

Fee name Total amount
Student Services $ 180.13

*Per Board of Regents policy, credits for classes that were scheduled as off-campus delivery, at the time of Registration by Appointment will be excluded from the total credit count. 

If you are 1) admitted to a degree program, and 2) registered for 6 or more credits per semester (or 3 or more credits during summer term) that count toward the automatic assessment of the Student Services Fee, you are required by the University of Minnesota to have health plan coverage. If you meet both of these criteria you will be automatically enrolled in the University-sponsored Student Health Benefit Plan.

By requiring students to have health plan coverage, the University ensures all students have access to medical care and can maintain good health, which is essential for academic success. You may choose to waive the University-sponsored Student Health Benefit Plan by providing proof of enrollment in an alternative eligible health plan.

Please note that if you are enrolled into the Regents Scholarship Program or the Senior Citizen Education Program (SCEP), you are not eligible for the student health benefit plan. Contact the Office of Student Health Benefits with questions about eligibility for the Student Health Benefit Plan.

Fee   Amount
Academic Records Fee
One time fee assessed to support the development and maintenance of the academic record including official document production.
One time (new degree-seeking and certificate students) $150.00
One time (fall 2019 continuing students) $75.00
One time (non-degree students) $75.00
Application Fee Undergraduate - Domestic $40.00
Undergraduate International Students $50.00
Non-Degree and Certificates $35.00
Graduate School - Domestic Students $75.00
Graduate School - International Students $95.00
Graduate School - Readmission Change of Status $75.00
CEHSP Post-baccalaureate evaluation $31.00
Athletics/Athletic Facilities  $93.00
Capital Improvement Reserve $5.05
Credit-by-Examination (per credit) $50.00
Confirmation/Orientation - Undergraduate Fee First year students $150.00
Transfer students $100.00
Late Registration Fee First two weeks of term $50.00
Third week of term or later $100.00
International Student Fee Fall/Spring $152.00
Summer $76.00
International Student Acacemic Services Fee Fall/spring (fewer than 6 credits) $125.00
Fall/spring (6 or more credits) $250.00
Summer (fewer than 3 credits) $62.50
Summer (3 to 5.99 credits) $125.00
Summer (6 or more credits) $250.00
Payment Plan Fee $20.00
Late Payment Fee $40.00
Returned Payment Processing Fee $20.00
Stop Payment Fee for Refund Checks $10.00
U-Card Replacement Fee $25.00
Student Teaching Outside the Duluth Area 0.05-2.99 credits $103.00
3.0-5.99 credits $206.00
6.0-8.99 credits $309.00
9-11.99 credits $412.00
12.0-999.99 credits $618.00

Transportation Sustainability Fee (fall and spring only)


Official current and historical fee rates

The above information is based on the President’s Operating Budget approved by the Board of Regents. While the information has been presented with all due care, it cannot be guaranteed to be free from errors or omission. Abridged versions of the budget (containing only tuition and fee information) for current and past years may be found below. 

Important Dates

Billing & Payment

Sat, Jul 9, 2022 Second billing statement for summer available (due date: 7/22/22)
Fri, Jul 22, 2022 Summer payment due in full
Tue, Aug 9, 2022 Third billing statement for summer available (due date: 8/22/22)