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Cost of attendance expense categories

Cost of attendance is based on five expense categories.

Tuition and fees are determined by the University Board of Regents each July.

This figure is based on how much a typical full-time student would need to spend on books, paper, and other academic supplies in order to complete an average credit load. 

The estimated room and board figures vary based on living situation (e.g., in a University residence hall or at home with family).

This figure is based on the approximate cost of a student’s drive to and from their hometown five times during the academic year. The University does not include the cost of a personal vehicle in its estimated figure.

The figures for this category include things like toiletries, laundry, and clothing.

If you have expenses that are not taken into account in the standard budget, you may contact One Stop to submit a cost of attendance appeal form. Your budget will be reviewed and your financial aid eligibility will be re-evaluated.