Submit payment from a 529 plan

A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged savings plan designed to encourage saving for future college costs. How plans are structured and how to access funds from the plan varies by state, plan administrator, and the plan itself.

Funds sent from 529 plan to you (recommended)

Most 529 plans do not require plan payments be sent directly to the University. The payment can instead be sent to the plan owner or you, who can then make a payment to the student account directly. We recommend this option if it is available to you.

If your plan wants verification of your charges, you can provide a PDF copy of your billing statement

Funds sent to the University directly from the 529 plan

If your plan requires that funds are sent directly to the University, you will need to start the process in time for the funds to reach your account. Instruct your plan to:

  • Make the check payable to the University (and not the beneficiary or plan owner)
  • Include your student ID number
  • Send no more than is due on your account (the University does not accept payments in excess of what is owed)

Mail your payment to:

University of Minnesota Duluth
140 DAdB
1049 University Dr.
Duluth, MN 55812

If your plan sends the payment to a University address other than the one above or it is for more than the amount you owe, it may be rejected as an inappropriate payment.

If that happens:

  • You will be notified via email that the payment was rejected and will be provided instructions on the next steps.
  • You (or the family member who owns the plan) will need to contact the plan administrator so they can notify their bank that the payment was inappropriate/unapplied.
  • The original check will be mailed back to the 529 plan owner.

Invoicing the plan directly

If your plan administrator requires invoicing, please see the information on Third Party Billing.


If you have questions about what qualifies as legitimate expenses for 529 funds, tax implications, options for accessing your funds, or general questions about 529 plans, contact your plan administrator.

If you have questions about how to submit your 529 plan payment to your account at the University, contact Student Financial Services at (218) 726-8103.