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UMD One Stop Student Services COVID-19

One Stop counselors are available to answer your questions related to registration, financial aid, and billing. Please see our updated hours and contact methods.

Policy and process changes

Below is a summary of changes and resources related to COVID-19 for processes and systems that One Stop Student Services supports. Unless listed below, you should expect that standard University policies and processes are being followed.

S/N grading option and cancel class updates

The new deadline for requesting the S/N grading option is Thursday, December 10 by 11:59 p.m. The new deadline for withdrawal from a fall class is Friday, December 11 by 11:59 p.m. December 11 is the last day of instruction and final exams are the following week.

This option is extended to all UMD undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in credit-bearing classes that are scheduled for the traditional 15-week session, the third 5-week session, and the second 7-week session. Please seek advice with faculty members and/or advisors about taking the S/N option as there may be implications for your progress within your academic major or program or regarding future professional or graduate school endeavors.

Change grade basis

Class formats and locations

There are four ways classes will be taught in fall 2020. Work is currently underway to update class information to reflect how each class will be taught. Instructors and departments will communicate further details directly to students enrolled in the class. 

In-Person Class (in-person): Students and instructors meet in person, face-to-face, for class at regularly scheduled days and times.

Blended Class: Specific details for each class will be provided by the instructor.

Students can expect one of three variations of “blended” based upon how faculty believe the class is best conducted.

  1. Instruction is in-person at UMD and online. The online requirements do not have set class times. Online materials and assignments are accessible at any time. Instructors will provide in person, verbal and/or written communication for class requirements and expectations. Exams may be both in person at UMD and online. Exams are the same for both groups, progression of material is the same for both, etc.
  2. Some students attend face-to-face while other students receive instruction online with a set meeting pattern. Instruction is in-person at UMD, online, and face-to-face (F2F). Online classes will use remote instruction technology at set class times. Instructors will provide in person, verbal, and/or written communication for class requirements and expectations. Exams may be both in person at UMD and online.
  3. “Rolling attendance.” In this mode students will be divided into groups of the correct size to conform with the physical distancing requirements for the classroom. One group of students might attend face-to-face on a Monday, for example while the other groups receive the instruction virtually. A different group would attend face-to-face on Wednesday, with the other groups receiving instruction virtually. So, the students who attend face-to-face may vary from class period to class period or week to week. This assures all students of receiving some face-to-face instruction. Exams may be both in-person at UMD and online.

Remote-Instruction Class (fully online with set meeting patterns): Students and instructors must be online at the same time, at scheduled days and times. 100% of instruction is online with no in-person meetings. You may have seen this referred to as “synchronous” delivery. Exams are also all online

Online Class (fully online with no set meeting pattern): Instructors provide materials and assignments that students access online at any time or within a given time frame (such as one week), rather than instructors and students meeting together as a class on a regular schedule. You may have seen this referred to as “asynchronous” delivery.  Exams are also all online.

Class Format Guide

Class delivery details

Business process Form name Remotely available due to COVID-19
Change of class or registration post deadlines Petition for academic policy or tuition refund for UMD students Yes
Credit by examination Credit by examination request Yes
Cross registration, IICR Inter-institutional cross registration Yes
Incomplete grade request Incomplete grade contract Yes
Late registration requests for summer Class addition & adjustments Yes
Retake a course Retake a course Yes
Returning to UMD; degree seeking students Readmission/return from leave of absence request Yes
To enroll in over 20 credits a semester (15+ for summer) Term overload request for UMD students Yes
Tuition refund Petition for academic policy or tuition refund for UMD students Yes
Transcripts, official - for records prior to 1999 e.g. (St Luke's School of Nursing) Transcript request for UMD Yes
Total withdrawal from UMD but returning to UMD Leave of absence Yes
UMN employee tuition benefit Regents Scholarship application Yes

If you have additional educational expenses or you or your family has lost income due to the COVID-19 outbreak, One Stop Student Services staff can answer your questions regarding your eligibility for a financial aid appeal. If your appeal is approved we will consider you for available grant or loan funds.

Student Financial Services FAQs

Student Financial Services is closed to in-person appointments, but here to help you. Call us at 218-726-8103 or send an email to umdsfs@d.umn.edu.

The Cashier’s Office is closed; however, tuition payments will be processed and posted to student accounts as they are received.

Mail tuition payments to:
140 DAdB
1049 University Dr.
Duluth, MN 55812

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