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Preferred name

Add a preferred name to your student record through MyU: My Info (see step-by-step instructions) if you want the University to use your preferred name in communications and reporting whenever available. University systems using preferred name require at least 24 hours to update changes. Your preferred name will appear to parents and/or guests if you grant them access to information on your student record. Your primary/legal name may also appear. 

Your primary/legal name is the default the University uses if no preferred name is submitted. Note that it is not possible to choose which systems from the lists below use preferred name and which use primary/legal name.

University systems that use your preferred name

  • Academic Progress Audit System (APAS) reports
  • Advising rosters
  • Campus directory (unless you have chosen to make your information private)
  • Canvas
  • Class rosters
  • Enrollment certifications (can print with preferred or primary/legal name)
  • Honors program
  • Library software
  • Major and minor lists
  • MyU
  • Parent/Guest access (both preferred and primary/legal name appear to parents/guests in this system)
  • Probation lists
  • U Card

University systems that use your primary/legal name

  • Billing and payment documents
  • Financial aid documents
  • International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)
  • Tax documents
  • Transcripts (official and unofficial)
  • Enrollment verification, which includes the classes you've enrolled in and your GPA
  • Student employment and payroll documents
  • Study abroad, study away, and international student documents

Additional steps needed for some students

Athletic team rosters

If you are a student-athlete, submit a preferred name to your athletic team.

Commencement program and diplomas

If you are a graduating senior, confirm the name you want shown on the printed commencement program and on your diploma when you apply to graduate.

Residence hall rosters

If you live in a residence hall, submit a preferred name to Housing & Residential Life.

Name suppression

Your name is designated as directory information and is a matter of public record. You can set your desired level of directory suppression through MyU: My Info (see step-by-step instructions). Requesting suppression does not limit access by authorized individuals, nor does it apply to information specifically related to most University employment information. University policy and the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulate the sharing of information and student records privacy at the University.

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