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Graduation Planner Tips

Graduation Planner tips

  • Read carefully! The Graduation Planner is built to include as much useful context as possible to help you create your plan.
  • When creating a plan, the “Plan Name” will be visible to you and your advisor. 
  • Your advisor can view and make comments on your graduation plan. When they do, you will receive an email with a link back to Graduation Planner.
  • Selecting a major in your Graduation Planner does not enroll you in that major. You must officially declare or apply for a major with your college.

Using the Graduation Planner

  1. To see your unfulfilled requirements: Select a degree program, click “What do I need?” and then “Expand All.” This will show you a list of requirements you still need to complete for your selected degree.
  2. Click a course to begin adding it to your plan. Select a term and year, and then click “Plan It!” to add that course to your Graduation Planner.
  3. After adding several courses to your plan, you can click “What do I need?” to refresh the list of unfulfilled requirements.
  4. When completed, you can see how your new graduation plan stacks up against an APAS report by clicking “APAS” near the top of the page. Courses that you’ve planned for will be marked with a “PL” in your APAS report.

Remember to always work closely with your advisor to make sure you are on the right track.

Important Dates


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