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Revising your aid

You may find yourself in a situation where you need to change the amount of financial aid you receive. This could be due to additional costs or reduced resources available to you or your family.

If you have questions about revising your financial aid, contact One Stop Student Services. See below for specific examples.

Cost of attendance appeal 

Contact One Stop Student Services if you are able to document that your costs differ from the standard cost of attendance figures. An adjustment to your costs does not always lead to additional aid. You may need to complete a Cost of Attendance Appeal form. 

Special Circumstances appeal (if you experience a change in your personal financial circumstances)

Contact One Stop Student Services if you or your family have experienced a significant change to your financial situation. Your eligibility may be reevaluated in light of situations like a job or income loss, divorce or separation, death in the family, or other unusual circumstances. 

Decline or request a work-study award

Contact One Stop Student Services in order to decline or request a work-study award. 

Request an additional loan or increase your loan amount 

Contact One Stop Student Services to see if you are eligible for additional loan funds. You will need to submit a written request to One Stop Student Services if you would like to increase your loan amount. 

Reduce your loan amount

Contact One Stop Student Services if you would like to reduce the amount of loans you’ve requested. You will need to provide a written request for the change. 

Cancel your loan after you have taken it out

Contact One Stop Student Services if you are interested in cancelling your loan.

Dependency status

Contact One Stop Student Services if you do not meet the definition of an Independent student, but you believe you have extenuating circumstances that should be considered when determining your dependency status.