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The information on this website is provided by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for guidance and support to help UMD units/departments promote, award and pay scholarships to students. 

PeopleSoft departmental scholarship entry process

This process is used when the award is intended to help the student with any of the following expenses:

  • tuition and fees
  • books and supplies
  • housing expenses (on or off campus)
  • food and other personal living expenses
  • travel expenses related to student's education. If your award is to cover unusual travel expenses, such as air travel or hotels, provide receipts to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. These extra costs can usually be added to the student's financial aid budget so it doesn't negatively impact other aid the student has received.


PeopleSoft 9.0 UM Departmental Scholarship Entry Process (pdf) - Revised 1/30/18
PeopleSoft 9.0 Department Scholarship Entry Template (Excel file download)
Access and security--Complete the Access Request Form with the Scholarship Entry Access Request attachment.

Scholarship entry deadlines:

  • End of June, for the upcoming fall semester, or fall and spring semester awards (January 15 for new students)
  • December 1, for spring semester only awards
  • April 15 for May and/or Summer award payments

By meeting these deadlines departmental awards are included in the student’s total financial aid package and will disburse with all other assistance the student receives each term. This helps students determine how much they may need to borrow and/or pay UMD when the first student billing cycle is generated.

Additional information

Best Practices for Scholarship Administration

Sample scholarship award letter with financial aid disclaimer


Accounting/Item Type/Finance Questions:
Becky Christy

Scholarship Processing Questions:
Andrea Leslie

DMS Access, Training, General Questions:
Cortney Carlson

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships offers federal and state work-study annually, beginning in mid-July of each year. Summer offers are made separately in late April/early May. Students accept the offer online from their MyU Portal.

Work-study offers are made for the academic year to continuing students who file their FAFSA early and have work-study earnings in the previous year.  Most eligible freshmen will receive an offer.  A Work-Study Wait List is available for students who are eligible but did not receive an offer. Students can contact One Stop Student Services to determine their eligibility for the Wait List. Summer work-study offers are made to students who worked during the academic year and are enrolled at least half-time for the summer term.

System-Wide Policy Change: Earnings during the fiscal year cross-over pay period are not eligible for work-study reimbursement (pay period 2 for summer 2017). The payroll job will no longer distribute work-study reimbursements after the Upgrade to PeopleSoft 9.2. Retro-reimbursements also will not be made for this cross-over pay period.  Students can work during this time if the unit/department wishes to pay 100% of the student’s earnings.

Follow the information below to ensure you receive work-study reimbursement when hiring new student employees and when student employees return for a new work-study award period.

Work-Study Award Period Changes: The work-study award periods now coincide with the end of the last full pay period in the term. The work-study referral forms reflect the date ranges for the academic year and the summer term. Please plan accordingly with your student employees if the work-study reimbursement is a requirement for their employment in your department.

Confirm Student Work-Study Eligibility

In PS Human Resources, go to, UM HR Homepage > Work Study (Tile) > UM WS Award Placement

  • Confirm the offer is accepted
  • Confirm the offer amount
  • View other jobs placed to the accepted offer

The Work-Study Confirmation email is no longer required, however, the unit/department may still request a copy from the student.

If you do not see an offer, the student may not have accepted it or they do not have an offer for the current award period. The student should contact One Stop Student Services to see if they are eligible and if funds are available.

Complete the Work-Study Referral Form and Student Personnel Action Form

The AR/C, CS, Off-Campus Student Employee Hires form is for only departments who are employing students in Community Service jobs that have been pre-arranged in collaboration with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

How to Monitor/Reconcile Work-Study Offers

Units/Departments should check their work-study reimbursements each pay period. The following reports may be helpful.

Go to PS Human Resources 9.2 > Main Menu > UM Work-Study > UM WS Award Placement. Click on second tab UM WS Awd Job Dtl. This page shows itemized pay periods in which work-study funding was applied to the offer. The unit/department received work-study reimbursement for theses pay periods.

MyU Reporting Center: 
Employed Students with Maxed Work-Study Awards and Unmet Need Displays students who have used up their work-study offer, but may still have eligibility to increase their award amount according to the parameters used by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. This report requires access to private student data.

Work-Study Reimbursement 
Displays students paid on work-study budgets with a summary of pay and adjustments for the account. Calculates the percent of reimbursement received and displays the expected percent reimbursement based on the item type. This report requires access to private student data.

Payroll Transactions 
Displays salary, fringe, historical salary adjustments (HSAs) and college work-study transactions for the current and previous two fiscal years for either one emplid or transaction number. NOTE: Be sure to check the box for Include Adjustments before submitting request.

Account Budget Status for Current Non-Sponsored Funds
Provides a budget status report by selected chartfields for current non-sponsored funds. If needed, there is the option to include agency, and/or plant funds in the report. The report provides summarized approved budget and budget activity, by account, for the selected chartfield combinations.

Missing a Work-Study Reimbursement?

If the work-study reimbursement was not received, verify the offer is placed to your department’s job record so future payrolls are credited the work-study reimbursement. Due to federal/state funding, the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships cannot guarantee reimbursement requests that are past 60 days.

To collect work-study reimbursements from previous pay periods, check available work-study balance (see PeopleSoft section above), then request a retro distribution be done in the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. To make the request, use your x.500 to complete the Retro Distribution Request form.

Information and Resources

Student employment forms and policies are located on the UMD HR & EO Student Employment page under humanresources.umn.edu/jobs.

Online information for students about Work-Study.