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Athlete services

Bulldog Athletic Advising

As a University of Minnesota Duluth student-athlete, your athletic advisor strives to ensure that you are on the path to success by providing academic support and continuously monitoring your progress toward degree.

Athletic Advising, supported by the Office of the Registrar


  • Sports and Health Center (SpHC) 159

As a student-athlete, it is important for you to know the NCAA & UMD athletic eligibility rules. 

If you have a non-academic compliance question, contact Abbey Strong at (218) 726-8720 or alstrong@d.umn.edu.

The academic certification hold is a best practice for athletic certification for degree progress and your eligibility to play varsity sports. The hold will stay on your account as long as you are a UMD student-athlete. If you need to make changes to your schedule, please follow these steps:

1. Email Bulldog Advising, bulldogadvise@d.umn.edu to request a record review. You must provide the following three details per enrollment adjustment:

  • Action requested (for example: add a class, drop, switch section, etc.)
  • Term (for example: spring 2016, summer 2016, fall 2015, etc.)
  • Class subject & number (for example: WRIT 1120)

2. You will receive an email response/confirmation. For approved requests, the certification hold will be lifted for one day, allowing you to adjust your schedule in that window of opportunity. You must make the change within the approved time frame.
3. Cancel/add schedule requirements such as department authorization may still be required after the semester begins.
4. Certification holds will be lifted to correspond with the date of your registration appointment (queue time).

Frequently asked questions

No. You will always meet with your academic advisor first. If you have further questions about how a course will impact your eligibility, you can then contact Athletic Advising.  If you are having issues in your classes, please contact our office and we can provide you with some resources.

  • BASC Integrated Elementary and Special Education
  • BASC Exercise Science
  • BASC Athletic Training
  • BASC Recreation-Outdoor Education
  • BS Environmental Science
  • BA Environmental Studies
  • BA Environmental Sustainability
  • BA English Literature Language and Culture
  • BA Urban and Regional Studies
  • All BAS, BBA, BAA, BAC, and Engineering
  • All BA degrees (except those listed in the question above)
  • All BS degrees (except those listed question above)
  • Minor requirements: See NCAA & UMD Athletic Eligibility Rules section “Declaration of a degree program and minor(s)”  

You must take at least 12 credits (full-time) each semester. If you are a junior or senior, those 12 credits MUST count toward your degree. A repeated course in which a satisfactory or better grade was previously received may not be used to meet the 12-hour credit rule.

For example: You took BIOL 1011 last semester and earned a C. You want to take it next semester, but it will not count toward your progress toward degree, so you must take 15 credits to make up for the difference.

You must declare your major by the beginning of your 5th semester. 

This hold will stay on your account for the entirety of your student-athlete career. It exists to ensure you do not make changes to your class schedule that may make you ineligible to compete. If you need to make a change to your schedule, you must contact your athletic advisor. These holds will be also temporarily released during registration for future semesters.

Important Dates


Wed, Jan 16, 2019 First half and full semester classes begin
Fri, Mar 8, 2019 First half semester classes end
Mon, Mar 18, 2019 Second half semester classes begin