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Academic probation and dismissal

All students at the University of Minnesota must meet certain academic standards.  Those who do not meet specified academic standards may be placed on academic probation or academically dismissed.
These penalties may impact your academic planning and/or financial aid eligibility.

Academic probation

You will be placed on academic probation if your term or cumulative GPA falls below 2.00. At that time, a hold is placed on your student record that will require you to meet with your advisor before being able to register for classes.

Academic contracts

Your college may develop an academic contract that specifies the requirements for you to be removed from probation or allowed to register for classes while on probation. Despite the requirements detailed in the contract, you will still be expected to meet the University’s minimum GPA requirements. In some cases, the requirements can include expectations that exceed those of the University’s policy.

Academic dismissal

Students who fail to achieve a cumulative University of Minnesota GPA of 2.00 during the probationary semester are subject to academic dismissal from the University. Students with a first-term GPA below 1.00 are subject to dismissal from the University without probation. For more details, read the University of Minnesota Duluth’s policy on Academic standing.


When academically dismissed, you will no longer be in your academic program and cannot register for classes at the University of Minnesota.

Financial aid eligibility

If you have been  academically dismissed from the University, you are no longer eligible for financial aid. Once you have been readmitted, your financial aid status and eligibility will be determined based on financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards through a review of your academic record.

Appealing your academic dismissal

You can appeal academic dismissal and re-enrollment decisions by contacting your college’s Academic Advising office.

Re-enrollment and returning to the University

Your re-enrollment at the University will not be automatic. You must be able to demonstrate that you can succeed within your academic program or that the circumstances causing your academic hardship have changed. Upon return, you will be placed on probation.

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